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From Mind Games to Mindful Moments

Source | | Sathyanarayan Iyer | Leadership and Mindfulness Coach

Picture this – You are in the midst of an online meeting that you are attending; it is a meeting where your role is passive- that of a listener. A few minutes into the meeting and your thoughts start to wander.

How much better it was when things were normal! I wonder for how many more days or months this situation will continue? Will there be any end to this at all? All the plans that I had made, what happens to them…

This chain of thoughts continues. Suddenly you notice that all these thoughts have taken you away from the presentation; and it has left you feeling rather irritated with yourself. The mind games have started.

This feeling of irritation spreads – and it goes on to the meeting that you are in; probably to the speaker; and it lingers on long after the session is over. This situation may seem familiar to some of us.

Mind Games that we experience

These thoughts arise as the human mind, playing mind games, forever keeps swaying between the experienced past and an unseen future. It keeps churning out either pain or pleasure from the past, depending on how one is feeling overall; and accordingly it creates a painful or pleasurable future as well. This is a conditioning that almost all of us have and is what keeps replaying itself on our mental screens – over & over again. The result – an agitation from what seems to be an invisible source – there, yet still not there. And this only further adds to all the mental chaos.

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