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Frustrating Job Search? It’s Not You — The System Is Broken

Source | | Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I have changed jobs about every seven years on average. It has never taken me more than three and a half months to find a job before.

I’m job-hunting now and this job search is much harder than the others. I’ve been looking full-time for almost eight months. Employers don’t respond to my applications.

I have 20 years of experience and a track record of more responsible positions over time and I can’t get to first base.

In one case a company sent me an email asking me to complete a long questionnaire and take two online tests. I completed the questionnaire and the tests and I never heard another word.

Even after cutting back on my expenses, my cash is running out and my self-esteem is shot.

I’m working a part-time job and tending bar at my friend’s restaurant two nights a week. I’ve never seen a job market like this one. What am I doing wrong?


Dear Chris,

Yes, the job market is brutal these days, but it’s not because there are no good jobs available. There are tons of good jobs available, but the recruiting process itself is broken.

You have been experiencing the brokenness for eight months now! There is a great, invisible  wall separating job-seekers and the department managers who need them — and those hiring managers are nearly as frustrated as you are!

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