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Fujitsu offers 3600 staff paid leave for COVID jab


Fujitsu has offered employees and contractors paid leave in Australia to get the jab.

Fujitsu deserves accolades for deciding to offer its 3,600 employees and contractors in Australia and New Zealand up to half a day of additional paid leave to receive each COVID-19 vaccination.

Fujitsu will also support an immediate family member with vaccination.

It’s a great gesture on several levels. First, not only will getting the jab help protect employees and their families from COVID; it means we can get towards the dual goals of reducing lockdowns and opening commerce and the economy sooner, as more people are vaccinated.

It may be an extra short term burden on Fujitsu’s payroll, but longer term the company will reap the benefits financially of ramping back up its business sooner.

No doubt other companies are going down the same path; they deserve praise too.

“As two doses of the vaccine are required, fully vaccinated employees and contractors can receive up to one day of paid leave in total upon completion of the two COVID-19 vaccinations,” the company says.

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