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The Future of Your Company is Tied to Learning

Source | LinkedIn : By Paul Petrone

Right now, a lot of employers and employees treat learning in their professional lives like most of us treat cardiovascular training in our personal lives.

Sure, we all know professional development is good for us, like working out is good for us. But, with so much else going on in our lives with work and families and (occasional) sleep, it’s often the first thing that gets pushed aside.

Well, the data is in, and the message is clear – that attitude toward professional development isn’t going to cut it anymore. Instead, research suggests there are going to be two types of businesses in the near future: ones that have robust employee teaching programs and win; and everyone else.

Specifically, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has analyzed how the world of business will change over the next four years. They concluded that more than 7.1 million current professional jobs will be eliminated by 2020, thanks largely to automation and changing geopolitics.

A mere 2.1 million jobs will take their place, some for positions that do not yet exist.

Even bigger than that, the study found that the jobs that stick around are going to change so drastically and so quickly, many of the skills needed to do them today will be obsolete in just four years. Specifically, the report found that 35 percent of core job skills will change by 2020.

Bottom line, a lot of jobs are going away, and the ones that are staying will require new skills. And it is impractical for companies to hire their way out of the problem, as the demand for people with select skills will be highly competitive, and yet those skills – and potentially those people – could become antiquated in just a few years.

Instead, companies will have to teach their existing people all these new skills. Many just aren’t sure how they are going to do that.

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