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The Future of Work: Four Trends to Watch

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We live in fast-paced times. Jobs are being created and destroyed at an unprecedented rate. In order to understand these changes, there’s a whole new area of research and focus emerging, broadly known as the ‘Future of Work.’ It’s an essential topic to know about if you care about your relevance as a manager in 2017 and beyond.

Discussions around the future of work currently focus around four main areas:

  1. The demise of hierarchies
  2. Re-thinking where work takes place
  3. Workplace chat
  4. Mission-based work

Whether you’re a mid-level manager or in the C-Suite, these trends cut across existing structures and ways of doing things and will affect you.

1. The Demise of Hierarchies

A big buzz term over the last 18 months has been ‘holacracy,’ which is an organizational approach in which “authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a group of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy.” This approach has been adopted by Zappos, Precision Nutrition, and, until earlier this year, Medium.


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