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Gaining Recognition from Powerful People

Source | LinkedIn : By Colin Gautrey

One of the biggest challenges faced by the people I engage with is how to gain fair recognition from senior people in their organisation. My articles on gaining visibility and building reputation are among the most popular of the 500+ that I have written over the last few years.

The frustration is evident. One recent example was Alan, a VP in risk management:

“I’m arguably one of the best qualified people on my topic in the business, and maybe externally too. I’ve been interviewed by the media, am prominent in my institute and have even published articles. But, will my executive listen to me? Not a chance. There is a major problem emerging and none of the senior team are in the least bit interested. Sure, they make the right noises, but do they do anything? Well, it is starting to present a risk to my career now. If this thing blows…”

When I worked it through with Alan, it was clear that the executives should be taking notice, recognising what he can contribute and certainly, taking concrete action. Right now, we are taking steps to ensure that Alan, and his organisation, avoid a calamitous and very public reputational nose-dive.

Gaining the appropriate level of recognition can do a lot more than avoid catastrophes. Over the last year alone, many that I have worked with have reported back that the increased recognition has given them benefits such as:

“Within less than three months I landed my ideal role with the enthusiastic backing of the COO and several of his colleagues.” SB, Edinburgh.

“In the last few weeks, three different members of the senior team have been sounding me out on different opportunities. Now I have a different problem – which one to choose!” DW, London.

“Formerly, I had to hunt for processes to make more efficient. Always getting good results, but never getting the recognition. No longer, the exec committee are now directing me to where they need more efficiencies, and the results have gone up significantly.” AW, Geneva.

A Quick Exercise

Now, how does this relate to your situation?

  1. What do you want to be recognised for by the most powerful people in your arena?
  2. If you can get this recognition, what difference will it make to your work?
  3. At a personal level, how will this help you?
  4. Is this something you should be putting more energy into?

If the answer to the last question is a definite “yes”, what you’ll need to be doing is making sure that you have the right foundations in place, and also, that you are able to use a critical success factor that will ensure you stay on course and arrive at your intended destination.

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