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Gandhi: the greatest leadership coach

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On 2nd October we will be celebrating 150th birth anniversary of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This article is a tribute to the great human being who taught us values and propagated non-violence, equality, cleanliness etc. He led India’s freedom struggle successfully while also creating a social change. Above all, he created leaders. He was the greatest leadership coach of his time. Here, I have taken a microscopic view of his leadership style to identify why he could raise to the highest level of leadership stature when the nation was blessed with many outstanding leaders who made great contributions in India’s freedom struggle. I have also taken a telescopic view of the Gandhian leadership style to identify which of his leadership principles can help India to handle the menace of terror & explore the historic economic opportunity.

Mahatma Gandhi wanted to change mind, heart, attitudes, habits, behavior of people. He focused on bringing change through changing perceptions & perspectives.

Mahatma Gandhi – What made him the greatest leader? Gandhi was a great leader because he didn’t bring only political change but also social change. Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader because he not only led people but also led the change.

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He was a great leader because he swam upstream when the wind was blowing in his direction. He was a great leader, he brought change while sticking firmly to the Indian ethos. He brought social re-engineering, political change, and also personal transformation among his followers. He transformed his followers, he transformed the society, he transformed the nation and above all, he also transformed the enemy.

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He was received warmly in London by English men & also by women (See the rare photo here). Mahatma Gandhi was a great learner. He brought changes in himself. He was a great leader because he created not only followers but also leaders. The leaders coached by him served India and laid the foundation of the largest democracy in the world while the sibling was ruled by the military dictators. India has become a global economic power when the sibling, Pakistan is on the verge of facing bankruptcy.

Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader & a giver. He gave us freedom, self reliance, satyagraha, non-violance & much more.

Leadership & Mahatma Gandhi Great leaders have great qualities. Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated top qualities of leadership. A few of them are:

Commitment to Mission & Vision Mahatma came to India from South Africa with a strong purpose. He took up a mission to drive the British rulers out & seek independence. He wanted to do it with non-violent ways. Finally, he achieved the mission & India became an independent nation.

Created an Organization Gandhi created a political party, Indian National Congress with formal membership. He created structure within the party. The leaders of the party were democratically elected by the party cadre. The Indian freedom struggle became systematic & organized moment under the umbrella of this organization.

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