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Gearing Up Women To Restart Their Careers

By | Neha Bagaria – Founder & CEO, JobsForHer

Jumping back into the workforce is no easy task. Whether its a career break for 6 months or 6 years, taking that step back in is always paved with potholes.

One of the most important things that women returnees need before they re-enter the workforce, is reskilling. With the pace at which the world moves today, upgrading skills is an added bonus when preparing to get back to work.

And now, companies and corporate leaders are coming forward to help women leap back into the workforce. They aren’t just talking the talk any more – they’re showing that they’re ready to walk the talk, joining us in our monumental mission to bring more women back to work.

Reskilling Courses

We’ve curated a host of courses, for women restarters to upgrade themselves and their skill sets. From data analytics and content writing, to online marketing and leadership, these courses have been put together by some of India’s leading companies, all dedicated to helping women return to work from career breaks.

Check out all the Reskilling Courses here and sign up today!

Career Assessments

And there’s more! Women restarters can evaluate their readiness to get back to work, with a selection of assessments that help to smoothen the restart journey. From finding their entrepreneurial potential to learning how ready they are to return to work, this is a sure shot way to prep themselves mentally and emotionally for the big jump back in!

Check out all the Career Assessment Tests and Quizzes on JobsForHer here and sign up today!

Learn from the Experts

And last but certainly not the least, we’ve curated some personalised expert services for women returnees, where experts provide invaluable tips and insights on resume writing and career counselling.

Sign up for any of the Personalised Expert Services on JobsForHer here!

At #RestartHer last month in Bangalore, we launched our brand new #Reskilling bouquet of solutions for women returnees to gear up for their career restart.

We’ve got some fantastic corporate leaders and partners on board for our Reskilling vertical – from Edureka and GetSetResumes to Soaring Eagles and Open2Study. This is one way in which companies and corporate leaders can reach out to women looking to return to work, and help them reskill to #restart. Reskilling will only improve the hiring experience and hiring outcomes for companies, and diversify the workforce across industries… so get on board today!

Write to kirthi@jobsforher.com for more details on how your company can participate! Also sign up at our Employer Zone here.

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