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Gen Z defines job security completely differently from the rest of us

Source | | Justin Brady

Employees have traditionally been the ones who have to grovel to get—and sometimes, to keep—a job. But as Generation Z starts to enter the workforce, that power dynamic is due for a shift.

At least that’s what Google’s chief education evangelist Jaime Casap believes: Gen Z will be the ones to fix the broken workplace structure.

First, let’s be clear. There is a lot of rubbish out there about comparing one generation to another. And not much is even substantiated, as we learned from consultant Jessica Kriegle who explains the flaws in generational stereotypes in her book Unfairly Labeled. Recent data from David Allison in his book We Are All The Same Age Now shows that people of the same generation rarely even agree with one another.

But future professionals from Generation Z—people born between 1998 and 2016, roughly—do diverge in a few important areas that will likely alter the workforce forever. They aren’t dynamically different from previous generations, but they have learned a few new lessons from the failures of the rest of us. Here is a summary of why we should pay attention to their perspectives, which will likely change what we all failed to.

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