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Gen Z managers give good feedback to their direct reports and Transparency is key to boosting Gen Z Engagement!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work with HR KPIs expertise

📣 81% of direct reports agreed that their Gen Z managers are good at giving useful feedback on how they are performing, a higher percentage than all other age groups outside of Millennials.

But when it comes to motivation, Gen Z managers are the least motivated by the fact that their company motivates them to go above and beyond what they would do elsewhere.

📝 According to their direct reports, Gen Z managers demonstrate an ability to deliver feedback and address poor performance and in fact, better at communicating than many of their peers in other generations.

💡 Open and honest communication and appropriate involvement in decision making are more important drivers of engagement for Gen Z managers than for other managers, according to a new interesting research published by Culture Amp using data 📊 from a customers data set of 100k+ managers and 300k+ of their direct reports from ~2,400 companies.

✅Gen Z managers have strong communication skills

Giving Feedback by generation

Researchers found that Gen Z managers score highest (81%) in providing performance feedback to their direct reports compared to other generations or age groups.

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