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How tech managers can help improve gender equality at banks

More women are joining banks as data scientists and quantitative associates, and tech managers can help with that growing trend, claims Jacob Kosoff. “There is an opportunity for us as an industry to create a better environment that better supports women in tech, a sector that has been historically dominated by men,” he writes in an op-ed piece in American Banker. “In doing so, we can be more appealing to all, regardless of gender.” He advises managers to really listen to their associates and to be proactive about their development goals. “Developing your team members for other roles in the company will not just benefit them, but also help with recruiting and retaining the best talent,” Kosoff writes. Other ways tech managers can help improve gender equality in the workforce include mentorship and seeking feedback on the company culture. “Big changes across an entire industry really happen one person at a time, and managers are uniquely positioned to address the diversity challenge in tech and in banking,” he writes.

Three strategies for managing a multigenerational workforce

The global labor force is shifting as more baby boomers retire and generation Z enters the job market, leaving organizations with challenges of managing a multigenerational workforce, claims Tori Fica. In an in-depth article in Human Resources Today, she shares profiles of each generation in the workforce (baby boomers, generation X, millennials, and generation Z) and shares three strategies to manage them effectively: 1. Identify preferred management styles. 2. Use coaching to help employees grow. 3. Set stretch goals. “While you can’t be expected to chameleon in and out of various management styles based on who you’re talking to at the moment, knowing that De’Aaron is looking for mentorship from his manager and that Sun prefers her manager to make decisions via team consensus can help you form an effective, long-term management strategy,” she writes.

Why a growth mindset is crucial

An inner motivation to achieve, as opposed to a fixed mindset, helps company leaders stay persistent and resilient even when times are hard or complex, argues Andy Bailey.

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