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How to get more Energy at Work

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Keeping your employees happy should be your number one concern. One of the things that workers struggle with is mental and physical fatigue. This usually sets in after lunch—known as the “post lunch dip” and can affect productivity as well as moral of your team.

For most, the easiest solution is to simply take a nap. However, this is not always an option for the every day worker. So, many employees turn to things like coffee or sugary energy drinks to keep them going. GetVoIP has outlined 20 ways to boost energy naturally and help stay productive.
They also outline ways that you can tap into your “chronotype” to ensure that you are being productive at the times when your body is ready to be.
The main tips include:
Start Fresh: Each morning should begin with a protein rich breakfast to keep you energized throughout the day. Take a cold shower and even drink some lemonaid—which has been proven to boost your metabolism and get you ready to take on the morning.
Wait on the Coffee: If you are a coffee drinker, hold off at least two hours after you wake up to have your first cup, so that you don’t mess up your circadian rhythm.
Work out: Try getting the blood flowing mid-day by taking a workout break. This will naturally help increase your energy levels.
You can see the rest below:

How to Get More Energy After Work

If you leave work and feel like hitting the pillow straight away, it can be a struggle to achieve that hallowed work/life balance professionals hear so much about. If your chronotype makes you allergic to mornings, you probably prefer hitting the gym after work. The catch? You’re too tired to go! Likewise if you have dinner plans or other night-time arrangements. Here’s how you can get be more productive at the end of your business day:

  1. Leave your gym bag in the car and change at work, then go straight away. By not going home first, you remove an extra step and can ride that energy straight to the treadmill!
  2. Have a 4 PM snack to refuel. Nutritionists recommend an apple and almond butter to rev you up for the night ahead.
  3. Fill up on carbs if you’re going to the bar. Carbs can help absorb alcohol. Left unchecked, alcohol can seriously mess up your sleep schedule.
  4. Don’t check your emails. Studies have found that working over 50 hours a week makes employees less productive and more prone to burnout, AKA chronic exhaustion.
  5. See a doctor. Constant fatigue can be a sign of an underlying health issue. If you’re getting enough sleep and still find yourself struggling to stay awake come quitting time, you should visit your doctor for a quick check up.


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