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Get fired with Enthusiasm, or Get fired with Enthusiasm ?

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajesh DebRoy

People come people go can one stop rivers flow some are fast and some are slow in an organization  all equations are welcomed just go on and appreciate the flow keep learning as you got to glow !!!

Sometimes enthusiasm plays however  what to do at times when enthusiasm helps you   lay however you choose the best Way ?

So what do one do what is that balance which would help you to withstand real time challenges and grow in big professional ocean .

I believe in first and foremost thought process one needs to adopt as that world is amazing place and everyone is a student of life and it is not you but the situations in life which makes or mar opportunities which comes up on your way so What should be your take ?

Never mind just go on and learn to play well you will master one Day !!!

Performance  results & the Zeal to win is that what is killing & considered as  Sin ?

I believe one doesn’t learn in life until you experience the good better and worst as the journey to grow is not complete until you stop learning from your Cup of tea you sip !!  Here you have riddle of the day to relate to  your work and play

Enthusiasm is two ways if you want to go for long drives would you like to opt for this ?

I believe this work  both ways the will & wish to go & how long to go rest all is journey !!

Is your Boss setting you to Fail or vice versa ?

How managers behave differently towards perceived higher and lower performers – and how a manager’s expectations of subordinate performance tend to get acted out by the subordinates. It focuses particularly on the way boss behavior towards “lower performers”, while intended to increase performance, often ends up discouraging and alienating these subordinates. The boss and perceived lower performer become entrapped in a vicious circle which is costly for the bosses, the subordinates, team and the wider organization.

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