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Getting in Touch with the Child Within

Source | LinkedIn : By Niddhi S

A couple of weeks ago, I was a part of an NLP training session where I met Kumar. Kumar is quite an elderly person, age-wise. We were paired, by my master trainer Rafi, for a session of modeling. For people who do not know what modeling is all about, “Modeling” in NLP is the process of adopting the favourable behaviours, language, strategies and beliefs of another person. It is about observing the person you look up to, for any specific reason or trait, and mirroring the way that person thinks, feels and behaves. Modeling is considered successful when we can systematically get the same behavioural outcome as the person we have modeled’ .The first step is usually to mirror the models body language.

So, coming back, I was paired with Kumar for modelling. Before we started the activity, Kumar was warned, “be prepared to laugh your head off!”

For people who do not know me, when I laugh, I laugh real loud…I just throw my head back and have a good belly shaking laugh…straight from the gut! I have been told by many that my laughter is infectious and that my free spirited laughter speaks about the openness of my heart. I love those compliments!!! And the best compliment that I have ever received is that I laugh just like my mother – loud and non-stop!!!

So, when Kumar started mirroring me, and I started laughing, I could sense his discomfort. I kept urging him to laugh, and then he finally did – for like 5 to 10 seconds, and then he looked so amazed! That wonder on his face was just so cute and I laughed some more and then he laughed some more and then I made him to the boogie dance and we laughed away. The people around us laughed and looking at their reactions I laughed even more! By the time we were done laughing, Kumar looked perplexed.

“How do you do this?” he asked me.

“How do I do what?” I asked him.

“Laugh like this!” he said

I didn’t know what to say for a minute because I have never really thought about it. I just laugh the way I do! I gave it a quick thought and I replied. “I laugh like this because I ensure I stay in touch with the child within!”

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