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Getting Started With Recruitment Marketing [2020 Update]

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What is Recruitment Marketing ?

Recruitment Marketing is the process of creating a strong employer brand in order to attract top talent. More specifically, recruitment marketing involves attracting, engaging and nurturing applicants. 

With the war for top talent heating up, organizations need to stand out. Recruitment marketing focuses on creating a brand name that people would crave to work for.

Why is Recruitment Marketing Necessary ?

You’ve been searching for that elusive Designer. Your competitor steals your new hire, moments after you sent an offer letter.  Now, it takes forever to close an open position ?

If this resembles your situation, Recruitment Marketing is certainly the need of the hour.

Let’s step back and think from a candidate’s point of view.

Studies show that millennials seem to conduct extensive research about the organization before applying. As a result, they have strong preference to the kind of companies they prefer to work with. Amidst all the competition, how do you convince the top talent to join your organization?

The most noteworthy reasons to adopt recruitment marketing are :

  • Decreasing Time-to-hire
  • Improving Offer-to-Join ratio
  • Building a Talent Network

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