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Gift from Sachin and a StartUp idea

By | Prabodh Sirur | In search of Postitive Intranets at In search of Positive Intranets

Watched the movie ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ yesterday. Even though we have watched him for thousands of hours on the TV, this experience is still very special.

On this occasion, I thought of sharing how Sachin helped me in a terrible situation.

My wife’s 60th birthday was nearing. I was nervous because I didn’t know what gift to buy for her especially when she had written me off in this area. The gift had to be out-of-the-world this time to wash away all my past sins of giving her bad gifts.

I asked my friend Suhas to help me out. He knew that my wife is a keen cricket follower and that Sachin is her God. He said, “Why don’t you ask Sachin to send her a birthday greeting card?”

It was an interesting and exciting journey. I designed a greeting card with a personal message on Sachin’s behalf, found his postal address and wrote an appeal requesting him to sign the greeting card. I didn’t want him to do it for free so enclosed a cheque so that he could give the money for charity.

I had a faint hope that he will respond, a nice man that he is.

 We did not receive his card on my wife’s birthday. Anyway, she didn’t know what I had done. I excused him; he must be receiving thousands of such requests.

After a few days, I got a call from my wife. There was a frenzy in her voice. She told me that she had received a greeting card from Sachin. She was sobbing.

Sachin had signed the greeting card (these folks are so amazing; he did not sign across the Indian flag but somewhere down so as to respect the flag) and sent us along with a nice letter apologising why he was late in sending the card. He also returned the cheque.

So this is my story of the most precious gift I gave my wife on her 60th birthday.

Now to a StartUp idea for my enterprising friends – 

On one hand, there are millions of fans across the world who will pay for a signed off message/ greeting card from their Gods (film stars, political leaders, sports stars….) that they can give someone as a gift; 

On the other hand, there are hundreds of organisations meeting the celebrities for funds.

This is where you come in to solve the needs of these two. 

Your app/ portal will facilitate people to apply and pay for these celebrity greeting cards. You collect money on behalf of the celebrities and give it to the charity organisation of the celebrity’s choice.

I won’t go into the minute details of the design of the app. You will figure it out. Message me if you are stuck.


Today let me write about Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) and the paintings he created to greet his friend Paul Gauguin. 

Gauguin was in Tahiti and was ill. Van Gogh wanted Gauguin to travel to his place in Arles, France where he could recuperate. 

To welcome Gauguin, van Gogh created five canvases of bright yellow Sunflowers to decorate Paul’s room.

‘Sunflowers’ are signature paintings of van Gogh. 

Using just three tints of yellow ‘and nothing else’, Van Gogh achieved a glorious harmony of colours. When van Gogh asked his brother Theo about the painting, Theo responded, “I’ve put one of the sunflowers on the mantelpiece in our dining room. It has the effect of a piece of fabric embroidered with satin and gold, it’s magnificent.”

However the public rejected these when displayed in an exhibition in 1890. The artist Henry de Groux threatened to remove his own work from the exhibition if he found it in the same room as “the laughable pot of sunflowers by Mr Vincent”.

One of these five auctioned at Christie’s on 30 March 1987 fetched $ 39.9 million.

Republished with permission and originally published at Prabodh Sirur’s Linkedin

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