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Girl Power, Sporty Women & Deepika Padukone #FTW

Source | JobsforHer : By Schonali

When you are one of the most beautiful girls in the world, who is also one of the highest paid brand ambassadors in the country (second only to Aamir Khan)…

When you have shamed wagging tongues by doing, saying, and being unapologetic for yourself and who you truly are in an industry built and perpetuated on countless layers of varnished fraudulence…

When you were publicly vocal about your private battle with depression – a disorder that society has historically tried to sweep under the rug and lock in a cage of humiliation – to make sure that others fighting the same battle(s) heard you, listened to you, and got help…

And, when you are credited for changing the face and meaning of success for actresses in Bollywood…

You’re pretty much Queen of the Castle.

And when you use your spot in the sun to shine light on strong women, the strength of women, the capabilities of women, in your country – you kinda become a darling. 

That is what Deepika Padukone has done with the new Nike ad, released at the IIFA Awards Ceremony in Madrid, last weekend.

Girl power – fierce, fiesty, feminine, unadulterated and unfiltered – rages magnificently through the 3 minutes of guts & glory action on screen, and the soundtrack is propelling women across the world to jump up and dance, fist-pumping the air in solidarity.

The ad sets on on fire Indian women in sport – from athletics, to hockey, to football, to basketball, to dance, to boxing, to gymnastics, to… oh just watch it already! (We’ve included her little speech leading up to the ad because it’s a great message for girls across our nation. Especially when we’re sending our first female track athlete – Dutee Chand – to the Olympics, since P. T. Usha!)

We love that Deepika has blazed her own trail and only makes films that go with her gut instinct.

…it’s always been about my gut instinct—right from my first film to what I’m working on now. (It’s about) how I feel at that point, what I’m going through in life. And most importantly, it’s about being honest to oneself, at least as far as the reason for doing a particular movie is concerned. Is it the script, is it the director, is it the producer, is it because you want to have a fun time with the people you’re working with?

This is our advice to the women on our portal, too. When coming back to your career after a break that you took to look after the people who meant the most to you, you get to CHOOSE how you want to come back.

Second careers are ideal to try out a new avatar in a new industry, job-role, and with flexible work-hour options.

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