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<p>Recognition, not awards, is what really motivates people.</p>
Recognition, not awards, is what really motivates people.

Talent Acquisition (TA) is generally perceived as the most important HR function. TA is equated with sales. But they are different. If you closely look at it, TA is a routine job – getting notified of open positions, searching for CVs in job portals, lining up their interviews, closing the positions, and then the process repeats. TA cannot sell. In fact, there is nothing to sell. Today, job applicants are already aware of the company. They are only interested in knowing the salary, title, and other benefits and, of course, working conditions. Everything else TA tells them is mostly perceived as formal statements. There is hardly anything decisive for a TA professional to do. Decisions are mostly made by line managers. TAs are there just to do the formalities and facilitate the process.There is one HR function which is often neglected but is vital for any organisation. That’s engagement. People who do this most often and the best are generally valued the most. It may be engaging with customers, engaging with team members, engaging with managers, engaging with shareholders, engaging with the industry leaders, engaging with the prospective employees or customers, engaging with the vendors, engaging with the media. Engagement keeps one in sync with the environment, with the people, and with the situation. It makes one aware of the opportunities and challenges. The…

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