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Give your Brain Break Before it Fries

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajesh DebRoy

Oh this is no brain puzzle yes you are right that small tool which makes you go to school of life stirr it twist  it well ! 

Do you know really what you want ?You do have the power to create own reality no matter how many times you gave up rejected no matter what bank balance is experience Rebirth it is possible for you to undo past it is possible to begin journey and completely change is possible .Do not forget know what do you Want ?

Where you want to go Focus remember what journey you intend to chose what you want to achieve Brain is here to write that future draft for your journey ahead unlearn the pattern you chose have destination in mind biggest good news is force of life which controls your body that allows you to make plans and desire will take you to one step to another all the opportunity every resource will take you to next step…..Metaphysical woo woo take a look at whole life most important thing ever happened to you you did not manufactured poped up from nowhere .Suspend your disbelief  allow your self in believing in one thing force of life god within you knows how to fulfill desires best possible !When you walk everything is not Rose petals but worth the efforts Joyous joy ride doing what you want to do what is the next miracle unfolds when you living in moment of glory then What next arrive at moment now i am finally i am going to reach unstoppable evaluation as this adventure is endless pay attention to flow of energy know your state of Energy and play the puzzle hereon  …..

Are you learning listening no Brain Break if yes then feel free to enjoy the journey worth your like & Tease your Brain cells !!

Is disillusion eating your brain don’t know where it is heading & while the idea is just getting born & want to shape destiny @ its best despite being critical of what has or has not happened as this can to be done & should not be done however your job to go get it done as you go higher it is  lonelier lonelier lonelier .Do believe and do what is right for right reason  .Are you there for money or make a difference Mind Boggling experience for your self  Just think ?

When almost all of life’s mysteries have been solved, it’s time to turn to something new. Twist your brain into knots with the Cube effect , a mind-melting take on the original combination puzzle cube designed by New Corporate rollacosta inc from the ages –

Regaining momentum after it is twisted is that so easy puzzle ?

The brain-Cube can be twisted and configured into over 125 decillion permutations. Scramble the puzzle and try to get all the solid brain cells  the same side or attempt to find certain designs in the cube, like the left brain  pattern Right brain pattern.Have fun trying to solve all of the different patterns, but remember to give your brain a break before it fries!

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