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Given the uncertainty, leaders should not commit to long-term work policies: Forrester’s Amit Bhatia

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Amit is a Senior Analyst at Forrester. He covers the various facets of customer experience (CX) – including strategy, design, measurement, and organizational maturity. His latest research includes uncovering what emotion means in a digital world, and how firms can leverage employee experience (EX) to improve CX. 

Amit advises executives in India and APAC on both CX and EX. He is also a frequent keynote speaker, having spoken at forums in APAC, Middle East, and the US. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Pune.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

COVID-19 pandemic is still here. How do you the increasing uncertainty and its impact on the world of work?

COVID-19 has affected different parts of the globe differently. The macroeconomic effects have also varied from region to region. In addition, vaccine rollout is also moving at a different pace across the world. Both these factors – macroeconomic effects and speed of vaccine rollout affect the demand and supply of products and services and therefore influence how work will be affected in any region, especially in the medium term. In addition to this, there are some shifts we already see underway: One is, there is a far greater focus on the employee and the needs of employees than ever before. This leads to the other big changes in the world of work: a lot of flexibility is on offer and a lot of focus on health and mental well-being. The other big change, triggered by remote work, is an increased focus on measuring work output and productivity and also well-being – so, a lot of employee data is being collected, with the potential to offer positive (or negative!) effects down the road. Of course, remote work also brings big changes in how workers collaborate internally and with customers; for instance, we predict a lot of non-essential business travel will go away. And lastly, as organizations move to de-risk themselves, there is a ton of interest in automation, not only for jobs at the backend but also for those that require closer customer and employee interactions.

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