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After Giving 1,000 Interviews, I Found the 4 Questions That Actually Matter

Source | Inc : By David Walker

If there’s one thing that keeps every founder up at night, it’s hiring. Hiring the best talent is a massive and never ending challenge. It’s hard to hire your first employee, it’s hard to hard your 50th employee and it’s still hard to hire your 500th employee. If you’re just starting your company, you may as well get over the fact that you’ll likely lose sleep over hiring.

If you’ve read anything about hiring best practices, you’ve probably read about hiring for culture fit. This isn’t an article about convincing you to hire based on culture fit, this is an article on how to actually do that. While every company has a different culture, there are 4 questions that will help you identify if a candidate is a good culture fit no matter where your company falls on the culture spectrum.

In my role as CEO of Triplemint, I’ve hired over 100 people and therefore my co-founder and I have interviewed close to 1,000 (admittedly, with all the lost sleep over the challenges of hiring I didn’t keep track of the exact number of interviews I’ve conducted). I’ve made great hires that were a near-perfect culture fit, and I’ve made less-than-stellar hires that ultimately didn’t work out. There is no such thing as batting 1000 with hiring, you’re going to make mistakes no matter how good you are. That said, in my personal experience I’ve found these 4 questions to be hugely helpful in determining culture fit.

How did the culture at your last company empower or disempower you?

This is a really interesting question because it will get the candidate talking about their previous company through the lens of how they were affected by the company’s culture. Getting a candidate to talk about their past employer can be very telling. Do they openly throw the company under the bus? Do they recognize the positives even though it ultimately didn’t work out?

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