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Technology is a wonderful thing

Source | | Mallory Hendry

Technology is a wonderful thing. It enables companies to work smarter, faster and – in many ways – easier.

Yes, tech can be an amazing tool for productivity – but it can also essentially tether employees to their work 24/7, which doesn’t make for a great work-life balance or a healthy mindset.

“People feel like they become just a number, especially in larger companies,” says Frederik Armbrust, innovation strategist at LiveTiles. He says a small percentage of employees may take time away from work to go to the gym, for example, but a larger percentage act like workhorses – they work their 9-5, or beyond, and don’t take the necessary time away.

The studies are out there – the cost of employee burn out is steep for companies. According to statistics form the Global Wellness Institute, illness in the workforce costs the United States economy $576 billion annually. Poor health can lead to lost employee time, an increase in chronic conditions and millions per employee of lost revenue – a massive impact on companies.

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