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Global HR Update Q4 2019

Source | LinkedIn | Tim Spriggs | Managing Director at ChapmanCG

In this edition of our Global HR Update, we share our outlook for the fourth and final quarter of 2019. Included is our review of our recent Global HR Networking series in the US where the focus was on the post-Ulrich HR operating model. We also share new thoughts on succession planning and showcase perspectives on the future of work from the Virgin Unite 100% Human at Work initiative. We also have two very topical podcasts to share.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Global HR Update.

Global HR Outlook

On a global basis we are seeing a continued streamlining of the HR function, and a heavy focus on Talent Acquisition leadership. Mental health, culture and employee experience continue to be at the top of many HR leaders’ agendas.

Beyond Ulrich – What’s Next for the HR Operating Model

Traditionally HR leaders have been guided by the Ulrich model as a framework for their HR functions. We looked beyond the model to a post-Ulrich world at two recent ChapmanCG HR leaders meetings.

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