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Going back to the office? Do these 10 things first to have a stress-free return, experts say

By | Morgan Smith |

Return-to-office announcements can spur a mix of emotions. You might be excited to see co-workers again, yet anxious about your safety. There’s also a lot to think about, things that likely haven’t crossed your mind in two years: where to go, what to wear, which route will make for the easiest commute. 

About 50% of leaders say their company already requires or is planning to require employees to return to in-person work full-time in the next year, according to new research from Microsoft, which means that more people will be back in the office in the coming months. 

If your company is requiring you to come in soon, it’s important to start preparing for your return at least one week in advance, Anyelis Cordero, a career coach and the founder of Propel On Purpose Coaching, tells CNBC Make It

“It takes time to adjust and get back into a routine that most of us haven’t done in two years,” she says. “For that first day back, especially, you want to make sure that you have everything you need to make yourself comfortable and feel 100% ready.” 

Below, Cordero and organizational psychologist Michael Woodward, who is also a professor of executive coaching at the NYU School of Professional Studies, give their best tips to prepare yourself for returning to the office: 

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