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Goldman Sachs’ CEO takes the subway, gets his own coffee and has a side hustle as a DJ

Source | | Jade Scipioni

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon isn’t your average C-suite executive. Yes, he made $23 million last year, but since taking the helm at the investment bank from Lloyd Blankfein in October 2018, he’s been eschewing Wall Street’s stuffy ways.

Fifty-seven-year-old Solomon, for instance, is known as “D-Sol” on weekends, when he performs his side gig as a classic rock DJ at nightclubs in New York City, Miami and the Bahamas (think Guns N’ Roses and The White Stripes).

Solomon also rides the New York City subway to work and prefers to fetch his own coffee at the office.

“I mean, why wouldn’t you take the subway?” Solomon told Fortune recently. “No, seriously. It’s quicker and more efficient. You know, the mayor of New York [City, Bill de Blasio] can take the subway. Why can’t the CEO of Goldman Sachs?”

(In reality, while de Blasio sometimes rides the subway as a promotional event, he typically takes a private car to work, and infamously, to the gym, because of his hectic schedule, he says.)

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