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Goldman Sachs Says AI Could Replace The Equivalent of 300 Million Jobs — Will Your Job Be One of Them? Here’s How to Prepare

The galloping evolution of AI technologies has captured media attention over the past several months. But what are its potential ramifications? Is there a real risk that AI will replace humans at their job in the near future? And if so, how can we, as entrepreneurs, get prepared?


Last year, many of us spent time thinking over the problem of AI bias, carefully depicted by one of the authors of “Coded Bias”, the famous Netflix documentary. Now that yet another boost of generative AI popularity is here to stay, the talks about job replacement are back in the game.

Namely, one of the most verbose reports on how AI could potentially automate (or as many are afraid, replace people in their qualified jobs) belongs to Goldman Sachs, which was vehemently spread under a variety of alarmist headlines about 300 million potentially replaced jobs across the globe.

In particular, some of the reported data suggests that 18% of the work worldwide is likely to be computerized, and the effects on the more developed economies could be worse than those across the emerging ones, for instance.

Strangely enough, the recent boom of generative AI has coincided with several consecutive waves of layoffs in the online tech industry, which only made some sort of a minor panic in a myriad of discussions on the web even more understandable.

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