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Good Enough or Not ? – The eternal dilemma within ourselves

Source | | Kavita Agrawal

The recent movie ‘Chichore’ caught my attention for the ‘I am not good enough’ syndrome. The son of the protagonist commits suicide, feeling he is not good enough to face his mom and dad, because he could not get into the IIT. It was as if he was screaming out to the parents…..”I am sorry I’m not what you wanted me to be!”.

The Protagonist then answers the million dollar question, “if someone asks me what do I want ….the life of my son or the IIT admission, I would choose my son’s life “. (Better late than never….wish this was a forethought, rather than an afterthought!)

Nothing will knock you down quicker than offering the best of yourself to someone and still not being good enough.

Not good enough – a common feeling amongst youth 

That had me thinking; who decides one is not good enough? According to whom are we not good enough?

In my capacity as a Career Counsellor, I see students battling this perennial sense of inadequacy..‘I am not good enough’; struggling with the self-image and an identity crisis. Anxiety and depression are rampant between ages 16 to 19. They suffer from attacks of self-criticism and doubt, their minds live in fear, in a prison of believed thoughts, good enough or not ? – The eternal dilemma within ourselves trying desperately to escape; or feeling doomed to a life sentence.

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