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“Good Idea killed by bad execution”​

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

I did the unthinkable. I killed a good idea by bad execution.

I am referring to a LinkedIn Post where I published a crazy idea. It had the beginning of a story and I invited my LinkedIn connections to the take the story forward. Each person would build on what the previous person had written. In a it would have been a kind of “Relay Fiction Writing”. The enthusiasm was palpable.

Unfortunately I messed up. First I did not expect the kind of response I got.

Second: I realised soon my instructions were not clear.

My idea was as follows:

I publish the start of the story. And leave it at a certain point.

My Linked Connection 1 (LC1), publishes a build on that.

Then LC2 builds on what LC1 has written. LC3 builds on what LC2 has written and so on. It would have been fascinating to see where the story went after a week.

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