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Good work gets done when great minds come together: Chumbak’s Vivek Prabhakar

Source | The Economic Times

My first 100 days at work
My first job was as a marketing executive at Titan. Things were moving at breakneck speed at the time. I had to work on the mandate of finding a new public relations agency, put together a store-opening process and begin work on our summer campaign. I found myself juggling operations and brands, while just a few months ago my biggest concern had been having enough pocket money for college.

My worst mistake
I was always moving so fast because there was so much to do and so many projects to complete. There was really very little time for regrets or introspection or to specifically look at a mistake as my biggest.

The best leadership lesson I learnt
The amount of responsibility I was given at my first job was amazing. Very few questions were asked but I was always free to ask for help. This also ensured that there was no concept of hierarchy as there was a belief that good work gets done when great minds come together and not by pulling rank. Both these lessons have held me in good stead till this day, with some of the lessons coming back into the culture we have built at Chumbak.

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