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It started with a common friend asking me if I could spare some time to meet this lady who was looking for a technical advisor to take her company to the next level. I make it a point to enjoy such interactions as they enrich me every time I meet these young ‘wanna-be-the-next-big-thing’ mindsets. And there she was: a slim, lean persona, in a business suit, on time waiting there at Starbucks. So I asked her, “I’m pretty happy with the Naukris and Monsters of the world , why even bother?”

Well, she kept her calm and asked me about my wife’s educational background, which happens to be in fashion designing and then posed a very interesting question:

“Now that your kids have grown up, the talent your wife has in the field of fashion can benefit so many companies [for profit or non-profit is a very different aspect of engagement]. She can choose to make a difference to the world, but she is not doing it …. WHY?”

Then came an even bolder statement:

“The  women who take a career break to raise their families show a much higher level of sacrifice and commitment leaving their jobs at their prime. Society should not penalise such a brave act but rather welcome them when they are ready to put their skin back in the game after being successful at raising kids AND taking care of a home. The recruiters advise women to hide the gaps in their resume … WHY?”

Neha JobsForHer 2Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT is the amazing and passionate Neha Bagaria from JobsForHer, for you! With a cause like that and a society like ours, the battle for bringing our women-stars back to work is to be continuously fought for and won – at all costs and at all times.

I am extremely excited to be CTO & Co-Founder for JobsForHer from April 2016 and join hands with Neha until we find every single woman on a career break and help her realise her potential. We are and we will create a worldwide mindset where career breaks and gaps in resumes are CELEBRATED and not looked down upon.

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