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Goodbye Transactional Leader. Hello Transformational.

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:joshua Miller , Director of leadership at quora

Nowadays, everyone wants to be the game changer, the underdog, the disruptor or whatever the next buzz word is – but in the pursuit of greatness and IPO’s, many leaders lose their way and forget “how” to manage people.

For some it’s quite easy because they are better leaders than managers but for others who have no choice but to assume both roles – the challenge can be quite complex.

With all the talk these day about the cloud and innovation, it would make perfect sense why a transformational leader is what’s needed and required by the largest brands on the planet whose products literally and figuratively make living possible. However, there are many leaders out there who masquerade as a transformational leader but model the behavior of a transactional leader.


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