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Google billionaire Eric Schmidt: ‘Almost anyone who’s successful has to start by saying they were lucky’

By | Catherine Clifford |

Grit. Hard work. Intelligence. These are some of the ingredients of success.

But there’s another that can’t be left off the list, according to Google billionaire Eric Schmidt: luck.

“I would say I’m defined by luck, and I think almost anyone who’s successful has to start by saying they were lucky,” said Schmidt on the Conversations with Tyler podcast. “Lucky of birth, lucky of having intellectual and intelligent family home life, upbringing, global upbringing, etc.”

Schmidt’s own life is an example: To start with, his father was an economist who moved the family to Italy when Schmidt was young. “And this is at a time when people didn’t travel the way they do today, and so it was quite exotic to grow up Italian, and I think that really changed me,” he said.

It opened up his view of the world. “As an American, I’ve always thought Americans were very, very locally focused, and even today in the world you all live in, we’re still too locally focused and not globally focused,” Schmidt said.

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