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Google employees are becoming unhappy with pay, promotions and execution, survey results show

By | Jennifer Elias |

  • In the annual “Googlegeist” survey, Google workers gave their employer particularly poor marks on how compensation compares to pay for similar jobs at other companies.
  • Employees also say they face growing bureaucracy that slows them down, survey results showed.
  • CEO Sundar Pichai received a favorable rating of 84% of from employees, but he did worse when it came to execution.

As Google prepares to bring most employees back to the office, the company is facing a workforce that’s increasingly unhappy when it comes to key issues such as compensation and an ability to meet career goals.

Google’s annual employee surveys, internally called “Googlegeist,” show that a growing number of staffers don’t view their pay packages as fair or competitive with what they could make in a similar role elsewhere. They are also questioning their employer’s ability to execute.

The surveys were taken in January and released to employees last week. CNBC viewed results from the company overall as well as individual groups such as cloud, search and ads. The lowest scores across the board were in compensation and execution. The highest scores were in Google’s mission and values.

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