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Google Has Updated Its 9 Principles Of Innovation: Here They Are And The Products They Have Enabled

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Chief evangelist Gopi Kallayil told today’s Dreamforce conference that he and some colleagues sat down “a couple of months ago” to figure out what drove innovation at Google today, and how the ideas may apply to other organisations.

Google’s former VP of Search Marissa Mayer – who is now CEO of Yahoo – went public with a similar set of principles five years ago. Susan Wojcicki, Google’s Senior Vice President of Advertising, suggested a list of 8 pillars in 2011.

Kallayil said the sets were “equally valid”, with the latest principles most significant in the organisation currently.

“Given the current scale and size of the company – and as we get into biosciences and other types of things – there are other innovation principles that are surfacing,” he told Business Insider Australia.

“It doesn’t mean that the other principles are becoming irrelevant, but they’ve morphed.”

Google’s Gopi Kallayil /
Business Insider Australia

Here are Google’s new 9 principles:

  1. Innovation comes from anywhere.This principle, which also made Mayer’s 2008 list, points out that innovation is in nobody’s job title at Google, but is everyone’s responsibility.

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