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Google Just Revealed Its 5 HR Secrets for Identifying and Developing Great Managers

Source | : By Marcel Schwantes

In a recent podcast at Google’s Re:work, Sarah Calderon, a manager at Google who oversees Google’s Manager Development curriculum, revealed some nifty secrets about how they train and develop great managers.

She shares five lessons that will give your organization an edge in management training and development.

1. High-performing employees don’t necessarily make good managers.

It’s a mistake to think a high-performing individual contributor should necessarily be promoted to management. Leading people often requires a different skill set, one that many good employees don’t possess.

Calderon says to find great managers, you should look at how someone works with others and how they get things done. Do they adjust their style to the people they’re working with? Do they clarify roles and responsibilities for team members? Can they provide feedback in a meaningful way?

But equally important is to determine whether they enjoy managing. Do they actually like the relational aspects of dealing with different people and personalities, and meeting the needs of others? If an existing manager is miserable in his job and wishing he had his old job back, it’s time to cut him loose from that role.

2. The best time to train new managers is a few months into the job.

Companies often make the mistake of identifying high-potential candidates to place into management roles, then putting these people into a management training program before they’ve gotten their “noses bloodied” in a real-world management setting.

Calderon says the best thing to do is to give them a few basic resources they can use  during the first few months on the job, then wait until they’ve been managing for a couple months before you put them through a formalized management training.

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