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Google Rewards Indian Techie With ₹65 Crore For Keeping Android, Chrome Safe

By | Monit Khanna |

Google in a blog post revealed Aman Pandey from Bugsmirror was regarded as the top-most researcher in terms of reporting and submitting vulnerabilities. In 2021 alone Pandey submitted 232 vulnerabilities.

Bugsmirror, set out of Indore has been founded by Aman Pandey (who is also the CEO of the company). He graduated from NIT Bhopal. And even though the company was only set up in 2021, the company has been instrumental in finding vulnerabilities as early as 2019. 

Google’s Sarah Jacobus, from the Vulnerability Rewards Team, highlighted that ever since Pandey submitted his first report all the way back in 2019, he has managed to report over 280 vulnerabilities to the Android Vulnerabilities Rewards Program, while also being a crucial part in making the program so successful. 

Google has also paid a whopping $8.7 million in vulnerability rewards. Security researchers of the firm have reported vulnerabilities not just in Android but also in Google Chrome, Search, Play and other products too.

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