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Google to mandate full benefits for temp, contract workers

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Google will begin requiring companies it works with to provide full benefits to temporary and contract workers, according to an executive memo this week.

The benefits must include comprehensive healthcare, sick and parental leave and a minimum wage of $15 per hour, the memo said. The changes apply to all companies that do business with Google. The minimum wage requirement will be enforced beginning in January and the healthcare provision in 2022. Temporary and contract workers typically do not receive benefits.

The issue has been contentious at Google for years, with employees contending that non-permanent workers and contractors receive lower pay and fewer benefits than regular employees. The change was announced Tuesday, the same day a letter signed by 915 employees called for equal treatment of temporary workers, vendors’ employees and contractors, known within the company as TVCs.

The memo from executive Eileen Naughton notes 122,000 workers, or 54 percent of Google’s workforce, are in the TVC category.

The changes supplement a “supplier code of conduct” Google installed last year, which specified what the company expects a partnering business to provide.

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