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Google’s Former Head of HR Issues a Warning That All Business Owners and Leadership Teams Should Read

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Culture influences decisions, and decisions make or break businesses. 

This was the message Laszlo Bock shared in his latest LinkedIn post. He also issued a warning to organizations that are deciding whether or not to invest in corporate culture

“Failures of culture have been the single biggest destroyers of value in the last five years,” he wrote.

Bock understands the importance of culture more than most. The former senior vice president of people operations at Google helped build the organization into the behemoth it is today. Throughout his 10-year career (2006 to 2016), he grew Google’s workforce from 6,000 to 76,000 employees. And no, it wasn’t about the free food, lava lamps, and beanbags, if you ask him. It was about making work a little more enjoyable and productive each day. 

Bock backed up his advice with some pretty good examples of culture gone wrong. The Wells Fargo dummy accounts and the Volkswagen emissions scandals are just a couple. I can think of a myriad of others, including Facebook’s privacy issues and Johnson & Johnson’s recent opioid indictment. 

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