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Gratitude is a Gre-At-titude

Source | LinkedIn : By Janani Prakaash

The world is aware of the December 2015 Chennai floods. A number of people lost their homes and some of them lost traces of where their houses were. This one was big because it took more than two months for many people to get back to their normal way of living. Everyone had losses. The way people looked at the losses varied.

A month after the calamity, I went to a friend’s place that was badly affected by the floods. This was an independent house community and the ground floors were flooded. People have either been in the first floor or terrace or huddled up with some neighbors before they were moved to safer areas by the rescue teams. My friend’s neighbor had lost all the household articles including furniture to expensive television. They were in water for about two days and had to just be disposed. The owner was very depressed and shocked at the degree of the losses that he had encountered. I met him accidentally when I was about to enter my friend’s place. I was getting mentally prepared to hear something similar from my friend and entered her place. Now I was invited with her blissful smile into an almost empty house. We comfortably settled down on the floor and she did not speak a word about losses. When I checked she said, that her family had also lost everything like her neighbor. She said she was still grateful for few things.

1.     There was no life lost or no health issue for anyone in the family

2.     It was a great opportunity for the family to be together and have long conversations as there was no network, power as well as a way to get out to the roads for about 36 hours.

3.     They became aware of who their neighbors were beyond they ever knew as everyone helped each other in the process.

4.     She felt it was nature’s way to dispose a lot of unwanted stuffs as well from everyone’s houses!!

5.     Her family had the financial ability to recoup. There were so many people who did not have that.

I was floored by the positivity that was displayed. The situation was same for both these individuals but the way they looked at it made all the difference.

One attribute was certainly a take home for me from this incident. At any given point of time, there is certainly an opportunity to be grateful about something unless it’s a life and death situation.

While gratitude is something that everyone is aware of, practicing it consciously has few wonderful benefits.

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