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Great Employees Don’t Complain – They Walk Away

Source | Linkedin | Ian Daley | Director, L&D at Novo Nordisk, Host of The New Leader Podcast w/Ian Daley

As a new manager, who comes to mind when you think of a great employee? In most cases it only takes a second or two to answer that question – you know your star performers.

Your best people constantly impress you with their work and the positive impact they have on others. Great employees are hard to find and when you have one, your world becomes a little easier because of it.

Until they up and quit.

Great employees don’t always cause a ruckus. They may speak their truth but they usually won’t languish unhappy for long – they let their feet do the talking. They know their own worth and can find another company looking for A players. 

I’ve had that happen to me. A star employee eventually quit because they weren’t getting the support they needed. My mind was in the clouds and they needed me in the weeds. That led them to undesirable behaviour, poor impressions within the company, and ultimately an employee who had enough.

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