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Great Leaders Surround Themselves with Quitters. You Should Too

Source | LinkedIn | Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.

You are likely familiar with the concept that employees don’t quit companies, they quit bad leaders. 

It is with this in mind that many organizations invest time, energy, and resources developing leaders who foster employee engagement. 

Yes, employees might quit an organization because of a bad leader; however, these same employees may quit their own bad behaviors because of a good leader.

In other words, great leaders create a culture of quitters!

Some of you may be thinking…

Wait a second; great leaders create cultures that encourage people to try new approaches, take on different roles, and apply new solutions. They don’t create a culture of quitters.

Oh, yes they do! 

Great leaders encourage people to quit trying in four key areas. 

I invite you to invest a few minutes reading about each area and reflecting on your mindset, behaviors, and results. 

1. Quit Trying to Please Everyone

Blame it on your upbringing, your DNA, or some other force, but many of us are compelled to please others. We don’t like the idea of someone being disappointed with, frustrated about, or indifferent toward us. 

So, we try to please everyone. Not only does this waste time and energy, but it is a fruitless endeavor, because you can’t please everyone.

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