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How To Grow Your Career With Powerful Mentorships

Source | LinkedIn : By Peter Bregman

What makes a successful mentorship? It’s not about having a mentee who listens and a mentor who teaches well–it’s all about values compatibility. Ken Blanchard is the co-author of over 60 books on leadership, so he knows a thing or two about collaboration himself. One Minute Mentoring: How to Find and Work With a Mentor–And Why You’ll Benefit from Being One, co-written with Claire Diaz-Ortiz, explores how you can grow your career by creating powerful mentorship relationships. Discover why logistics are irrelevant, the wisdom behind the mentor model, and the difference between essence and form. Listen here.


Peter: Welcome to the Bregman Leadership Podcast. I’m Peter Bregman, your host and CEO of Bregman Partners. This podcast is part of my mission to help you get massive traction on the things that matter most.

We are very fortunate today. We have with us, as our guest on the podcast, Ken Blanchard. You know him. If you don’t know him, you should know him. I read the One Minute Manager, I don’t know exactly when it came out, but at least 25 years ago when I first read it. I have to admit that I was predisposed not to like it. The idea of a parable book, I don’t know, it bothered me somehow. I loved it in spite of myself. I think it was such a great primer. It was so succinct, so clear, so effectively focused and written in a way where when people were moving into management roles and they’d say, “What book should I read?” And they were expecting me to give them some sort of tome or David McCullin Social Motivation, 680 pages, which is also a great book, but nowhere near as immediately practical and usable as the One Minute Manager was.

I always suggest that book. If you’re listening to this and you are coming into management, and even if you’re an experienced manager, I recommend reading the One Minute Manager, because it’s both a quick read and the stories stick with you. Today we’re here with Ken to talk about his new book, One Minute Mentoring: How to Find and Work With a Mentor and Why You’ll Benefit From Being With One. He wrote it with Claire Diaz Ortiz. This is, I don’t know if it’s his 60th book or somewhere around there, because he’s written at least 60 books. He has sold 21 million copies of his books. He’s one of the top 25 most prolific or bestselling authors of all time, according to Amazon, and all of that while being an actually incredibly nice guy. He’s the chief spiritual officer of the Ken Blanchard Companies. It tells you a little bit about who he is both at a practical level and at a soul level. Without further ado, I could go on, Ken, welcome to the Bregman Leadership Podcast.

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