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Half of Target’s 1,800 stores are led by women

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Half of Target’s 1,826 store managers are female. Each of these managers oversees 200 employees, and are responsible for maximizing profitability, sales, guest experience and store design.

Brian Cornell, who has served as Target’s (TGT) chairman and CEO since August 2014, described the importance of having strong female leaders, whom customers interact with most intimately and closely.

“Most of the 30 million shoppers who come into our stores every week don’t care who their CEO is. These are neighborhood stores — they don’t care about who Brian Cornell is,” he said at a conference hosted by Catalyst, a global nonprofit that promotes inclusive workplaces for women in New York City, on Tuesday. Cornell has been a board member of Catalyst since 2016.

This sentiment is true, for the most part. When Uber was plagued with a year of scandal after scandal, it turned out that most riders didn’t know (or care) who the CEO was.

Prior to joining Target, Cornell was CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods under Pepsi boss Indra Nooyi. Earlier in his career, he worked under Ellen Marram, the CEO of Tropicana. He has cited both as influential role models, especially when there were very few women CEOS.

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