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Halloween: Six HR horror stories to read in the dark

These cautionary tales offer a lesson in people management

Source | | Rachel Ranosa

On a night of ghostly frights, some creepy shadows lurk in plain sight.

There’s no need for ghosts and ghouls to get your spook on this Halloween. Some horror stories, based on real life, are enough to send a shiver down your spine.

HRD looks back some employee stories that will haunt you.

From job candidates sending raunchy selfies “by mistake,” to disgruntled employees smashing a piñata of their CEO, our cautionary tales are a lesson in people management.

  1. The horrors of poor hygiene

A hospital cafeteria might not have the fancy ambience of a bistro or café but at least it’s sanitised thoroughly, right?

Well, probably not this food court. A video emerged on social media showing a staff member allegedly washing her dirty shoes in the cafeteria sink right next to the dessert section. After scrubbing off the grime, the worker reportedly placed the scrub back into the container where other kitchen utensils were stored.

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