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Happy ‘Aristotle’ Primer – Confused Digital Practitioners!

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Happiness begins with achievement of physical needs that stimulate positive bliss but ultimately ends up only upon fulfillment of deeper spiritual longings.

Aristotle spoke of Happiness at 4 levels – Laetus, Felix, Beatitudo & Sublime Beatitudo

Laetus , the level at which achieving material objects gave happiness…buying a swank car, buying a tony house, buying high-end Louis Vuitton/ Armani accessories. Felix – where in competitive arena, emerging superior in comparison with peers brought happiness – better looker, faster runner, higher marks matter. Having achieved those successes, helping others by doing meaningful things for them, releases happiness. Fulfilling Social responsibilities drives happiness – (Rotary Club, Lions’ Club members experience these higher order happiness). That was Beatitudo. Sublime Beatitudo is when fulfilling deeper spiritual needs along with a balance of happiness derived from a man’s pursuit of the other 3 shallower levels of happiness became critical and thus brought real happiness to the doer.

Surprising. Aristotle and the Stoics propounded these ‘Happiness’ percepts in 384 – 322 BC. Thousands of years ago. People still in digital times are enchanted and exploring what happiness means. Are we missing something …. ???

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