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Happy at Work? Job Satisfaction Increases But Still Only 53.7%

Source | Linkedin | Robin Erickson PhD | Talent Research Analyst

I hope you have a great long weekend and don’t have to work while the U.S. officially celebrates all the hard work its citizens do with a holiday at the end of summer.

Here’s some good news about jobs: According to The Conference Board’s Job Satisfaction 2019 report, overall U.S. job satisfaction increased by 2.7 percentage points in 12 months with 53.7 percent satisfaction. The increase is significant, the second-largest in the survey’s 32-year history.

We measured the 23 components that go into job satisfaction and employees are most satisfied with their commute to work, people at work, interest in work, and physical environment, basically the things that employees choose when they take a job or befriend colleagues.

But the news isn’t all good since 46.3% of US workers are not satisfied. So we looked at the drivers of satisfaction or what makes workers most satisfied. The chart below shows current levels of satisfaction (y axis) vs. the importance to satisfaction (x axis) for each of the 23 components. Clearly, workers are only moderately happy with some drivers of satisfaction (top right quadrant) and not happy with some of the components that are most important to them (bottom right quadrant).

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