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Source | .com  |  BY:Hans Dholakia, Yogi & Yoga Coach,Motiv. Speaker,Corp. Trainer,Leadership & Life Coach,Engineer,Poet

It’s a very unusual wish, right ? Not many people say this.

Usually, people only wish a ‘Happy Weekend’ and they even talk of ‘Monday morning blues’ ! I came across this picture on a friend’s post (source not known) which is truly representative of the average erring perception about the happy weekend and ‘blue’ Monday ! This perception about work being an unhappy experience is at the root of much work-related stress and work-life balance issues.


IT’S ALL RELATIVE ! : But work need not be so ‘bluish’. Just ask the jobless. ‘The work you hate is someone’s dream, while some one is sick of the work you dream of’.  So what’s this secret ?

Shelly, the poet, said : We look before and after and pine for what is not ! Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of our saddest thought !!

IS HAPPINESS REALLY POSSIBLE ? Is no one happy ? Well, there are happy people ! In this world of relativity, both good and evil, wisdom and ignorance co-exist. So there are happy and focused people, but rather few. They love and enjoy what they do, they live in the present moment.

Hard work does not tire or stress us, our dislike for it does. When we work only for money, it’s drudgery – even slavery – and of course stressful.

REFUSING TO BE A SLAVE : Slaves don’t enjoy what they do, they actually hate it. In this world, many managers / executives hate the work they do, or hate the bosses they work for, or the customers they must serve, and they yet continue to do it because they must have the money it brings. They are modern slaves, high-tech slaves, you could say. Do you think with this kind of perception, they can escape stress ?


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