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Harness AI to make effective Job descriptions

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), an ability of a computer program to think and learn with the help of algorithms designed by mankind. This invention seems to be dominating the world for the past few years. Although there is a never-ending debate over ‘AI will be stealing our jobs in future’, let’s not deep-dive into this.

For now, we shall learn to embrace the ambiguity of future, take advantage of AI to perform our repetitive tasks and try to leave office on time. ?

Here is how AI is influencing the recruitment cycle.

Harness AI to make effective Job descriptions

AI enabled JDA substantial amount of data created with each cycle of the recruitment process. When organizations need new talent, they post a job, source candidates and screen them. Eventually, pick the right ones.

But how to make an interesting job posting to attract a wide range of candidates?

Textio, an augmented writing platform uses an algorithm that ingests 10 million job openings a month. It looks for language patterns and using them to generate scores that predict how quickly a job will fill and how prevalent gender-biased language is in the post. Companies now seek out to Textio to make gender-neutral job descriptions.

proven research on how the tone of writing the job description influences the gender diversity of applicants.

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