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Harvard professor says ‘winning a $20 million lottery won’t make you happier in life’—but these 4 things will

By | Kyle Young |

What makes us happy in life? It seems like a straightforward question, but it’s one that we find ourselves asking every day.

There have been several possible answers as to where happiness comes from. One of the most debated concepts is that happiness comes from having more money. But Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, disagrees.

“Winning a $20 million lottery ticket won’t make you happier. Research has shown that after one year, lottery winners go back to their baseline. Some are even less happy,” he said in a TED Talk earlier this year.

“A few probably spent their money on a big mansion or a fancy car. Maybe they spent it all on gambling. But even so, at the end of three months, it’s just a house, it’s just a nice car. You get used to it,” says Chopra, who has written a number of books about happiness. He calls this phenomenon hedonic adaptation, which is a concept that refers to people’s general tendency to return to a set level of happiness despite life’s ups and downs.

In the talk, Chopra explains the four things that have been scientifically linked to happiness:

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