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Hate Saying No? Here’s What To Say Instead

Source |  |  BY:Annameyer-Shine

This piece originally appeared on Shine, a free daily motivational text, and is reprinted with permission.

You have three outstanding assignments sitting on your desk, your phone is lighting up with texts from your roommate reminding you of that party you don’t want to attend, and then your boss swings by to ask if you can stay late to help out on seven other tasks that need finishing.

Before you can stop yourself, “Uh, sure! I mean, of course,” tumbles out of your mouth. You know full well that you’re unable to handle another thing, but there’s just something about saying no that’s almost impossible to do.


If the above situation sounds familiar, it’s not surprising–many of us are afraid to say no. Psychology Today offers two main reasons why: We fear conflict and we don’t like to disappoint others. Because of this, we often say yes even if taking on something else isn’t in our best interest. We want to make others feel better–but we sacrifice our own feelings and time in return.


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